Cleaning Your Property Before and After a Reroofcleanup after re-roof

Roof repair or replacement jobs can be extensive. They often require the use of large amounts of material like shingles, flashing, roof underlayment, and sheathing. Furthermore, when a commercial or residential roofing project involves destroying and removing old roofing material, a large amount of waste can quickly accumulate. All in all, roofing can be a […]

Is It OK to Replace a Roof in the Fall or Winter?replace roof in winter

As big of a job as roof replacement is, it makes sense to time the work so that it stands the highest chance of being successful without causing too much disruption to daily life.  However, homeowners don’t get to choose when their roofs fail. If they did, roofs would never  fail, and A-to-Z Roofing & […]

Fall Roofing Checklist: How To Prepare Your Roof For Fall And Winterfall roof repair checklist

When the sweltering summer heat starts to abide and the cooler weather rolls in, Coloradoans start to think about the arrival of Fall and Winter. Getting ready for shorter days and the prospect of snowfall might entail a trip to the thrift store to pick up a few extra coats or snow shovels, but what […]

Choosing the Right Types of Gutters For Your Roofhow to choose gutters

Gutters and downspouts play an important role in the protection of your home. Without them, rain and snow can pose a significant threat in the form of water damage. As part of an overall water management system, gutters in particular help to move water safely from the roof to drainage locations where it can flow […]

The 5-Step Spring Roof Tune-Up for Coloradoansroof tune up

It’s springtime in Colorado! The aspens will soon be displaying their beautiful colors, and Colorado residents throughout the state will soon be tackling their spring cleaning checklists.  Is a roof check-up on your checklist? If not, consider adding it; a well-maintained roofing system is critical in the defense against surprise springtime weather that often brings […]

What Roofing Material Is Right for Your New Roof?Roofing Materials

There are many ways to protect a commercial or residential building from the elements. To help accomplish this, the roof is the single most important feature of any structure, as it is responsible for dispersing rainfall, snow, and hail, as well as acting as a barrier against UV damage from direct sunlight. …not to mention […]