Cleaning Your Property Before and After a Reroofcleanup after re-roof

Roof repair or replacement jobs can be extensive. They often require the use of large amounts of material like shingles, flashing, roof underlayment, and sheathing. Furthermore, when a commercial or residential roofing project involves destroying and removing old roofing material, a large amount of waste can quickly accumulate. All in all, roofing can be a […]

Denver Roofing Permits: How They Workconstruction of roof in denver

If you’re considering having roofing work done—whether big, small, or otherwise—there’s a good chance that a permit will be required. Roofing permits are typically issued by the city in which the building is located, and more often than not, significant roofing projects must have a pre-issued permit that can be presented on-site as the work […]

Sun Damage on Roofs: How and Whysun shining on roof

Here in Colorado, we’re well-acquainted with the sun. After all, our state has an especially high number of sunny days per year. And, as much fun as it is to get out and enjoy some time in the sun, direct sunlight can wreak havoc on roofing materials like shingles, membranes, flashing, and tile. It’s not […]

What Is the Minimum Slope of a Pitched Roof?pitched roof

When we talk about roof styles and shapes, there is one dimension that is common to them all: slope. Also referred to as ‘angle’, ‘pitch’, or ‘incline’, the slope of a roof is just a measure of its degree of rise from a completely flat, horizontal line. In this article, the roofing professionals at A-to-Z […]

Roof Stains: Different Types and How to Identifyroof stains

From asphalt shingles to traditional Spanish barrel roofing, Colorado rooftops span the full gamut of styles, materials and sizes. If you’re a home or business owner in the Centennial State, you have a vested interest in the health and wellness of your roof, no matter what style it is or how long ago it was […]

What Happens If You Never Clean Your Gutters?what happens if you dont clean your gutters

Getting outside and cleaning the gutters isn’t a job most people look forward to doing. It’s dirty, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous. So, it’s no wonder so many people just put it off season after season. It’s tempting to just not clean the gutters and let them accumulate debris. After all, what’s the worst that can […]

How to Check and Prevent Roof Condensation in the Winterroof condensation in winter

You might think that rain and snow are the only causes of water leaks on your roof. The reality is that roof condensation is a major problem for home and business owners throughout Colorado, especially during the colder months. This sneaky natural phenomenon can happen with very few signs of development, and unless you know […]

How Does Roof Pitch Affect Snow Load?roof pitch for snow

Winter is in full swing here in Colorado, and you know what that means: snow! …and lots of it. With a lot of snow comes beautiful landscapes and great opportunities to get outside and have some fun. However, heavy snowfall also brings with it the potential to damage roofs, as accumulated snow can create a […]

Top 5 Tips for Winter Gutter Maintenancewinter gutter maintenance

The mercury is dropping again in Colorado, and that means more ice, snow, and freezing rain coming our way. If you’ve been neglecting your gutters during the last few months, you might have noticed an accumulation of leaves, twigs, and other debris along the perimeter of your roof. This can create real problems down the […]

Can Gutter Guards Cause Ice Dams?gutter guards cause ice dams

Winter is upon us here in Colorado! While this time of year brings with it plenty of fun snowsporting activities and beautiful natural landscapes, it is also a time when home and business owners begin to worry about the state of their roofs. Here in the Centennial State, our weather can wreak havoc on roofs […]