How Long Does Silicone Roof Coating Last?silicone roof coating installation

Also known as silicone restoration membranes, silicone roof coatings are frequently used to extend the lifespan of a commercial building’s roof. How long do they last and are they right for your particular needs? Here’s what you should know. What They Do Applied to an existing roof using spray equipment, silicone roof coatings are a […]

How to Apply an Elastomeric Roof Coatingelastomeric roof coating

Elastomeric roof coatings offer big benefits when properly applied by experienced roofing professionals. Unfortunately, improper application can result in major problems that can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs. Here’s how experts apply elastomeric coatings so they stand the test of time. What is an Elastomeric Roof Coating? Most elastomeric roof coatings are […]

Types of Roof Ventstypes of roof vents

Part of a home’s roofing system, roof vents promote good airflow within attics. This prevents mold and ice dams while reducing utility costs. When it comes to choosing a roof vent for your home, it helps to know the available options. Here are the most common types of exhaust and intake roof vents for modern […]

Guide to Roof Decking: What it is, Materials, and Repairsroof decking

A home roofing system includes more than just shingles. To shield your home from the elements, you need an extra layer of support and protection. That’s where roof decking comes into play. Read on to learn why this unseen roofing structure is so important. What Is It? Also called sheathing, roof decking is the foundation […]

What is a Roof Soffit?roof soffit

Roof soffits are critical structures that improve a home’s aesthetic while protecting it from all sorts of potential problems. Read on to learn why soffits are so important for modern homes. What Are They? By necessity, roofs will often extend outward past the walls of a home. This overhang goes by a few names, including […]

Can I Add a Second Layer of Shingles on my Roof?second layer of shingles on roof

The first line of defense for your home, shingles shield your interior from costly leaks. When properly installed, quality shingles can last decades. Over time, however, even the best shingles will need to be replaced. But what if you decided to simply add a second layer of shingles? Here’s what you should know about this […]

How to Get Rid of Pigeons on Your Roofpigeons on roof

Pigeons are more than a mere nuisance. In addition to carrying potentially harmful contagions, they can carry parasites, such as lice and bedbugs, which can infest a home. When they engage in nest-building, pigeons can also damage roofing and cause costly leaks. If you’ve noticed pigeons hanging around your roof, here’s how you can handle […]

What is a Gambrel Roof?house with gambrel roof

There are all sorts of different roofing styles available to modern homeowners. While some offer contemporary aesthetics, others provide intriguing old world charm. With their classic barn-style appearance, gambrel roofs are a good example. Read on to learn the benefits of this classic roofing design.  The Basics The term “gambrel roof” typically refers to a […]

How to Insulate a Roof without an Atticinsulation install

Most people mitigate heat loss in a home by insulating their attics. But what do you do if your home doesn’t have this common feature? Read on to learn how you can insulate a roof on a home without attic space. Insulating Materials Houses with cathedral ceilings or no attic space have little room for […]

How Much Roof Sag Is Acceptable?house with a sagging roof

The first line of defense for a home, your roof should be in good condition to keep wind and water from damaging the interior of your home. Sagging is almost always an indicator of a greater problem, requiring professional intervention to prevent continuing damage. But is some roof sag ever acceptable? Here’s what you should […]