Roof repair or replacement jobs can be extensive.

They often require the use of large amounts of material like shingles, flashing, roof underlayment, and sheathing. Furthermore, when a commercial or residential roofing project involves destroying and removing old roofing material, a large amount of waste can quickly accumulate.

All in all, roofing can be a messy job, which is why jobsite cleanup is such an important step in any overall roof restoration, repair, or replacement project.

In addition to providing top-quality roofing labor service using premium hardware, a quality roofer should know how to clean up after themselves.

The roofing professionals at A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors know this especially well. Pre- and post-job cleaning steps have been part of our job checklist since we completed our first roofing project way back in 1994.

Here are some of the key clean-up aspects of roof project preparation, execution, and follow-up that are integral to our approach to any roofing project we take on.

Preparing for the Work

Ensuring a clean and well-structured work environment is crucial to the success of any roofing job. Not only is site prep a professional gesture, it’s also important for the safety of the workers and the property itself.

Some of the preparation steps we take include:

  • Clearing space for roof access
  • Identifying waste disposal zones and bringing in roll-off dumpsters
  • Planning for old material tear-down
  • Locating ideal placement for material storage on-site, if necessary
  • Documenting site condition before the job
  • Placing tarpaulin on the ground
rolloff dumpster

As always, if we have any concerns about the condition of the roof or surrounding area before the job starts, we always address them with the customer before any work begins. For more involved roofing projects, we may need to coordinate the placement of disposal equipment, man lifts, forklifts, or other heavy equipment. This is all done via clear, transparent communication so there are no surprises.

Waste Containment During the Work

One of the most common features of poor roofing work is careless waste containment.

We’ve learned that clean-up after the roofing project is always easier when there is an ongoing waste containment strategy as the work is completed. This means taking care to properly dispose of old shingles, nails, staples, flashing, and any other material that needs to be removed before the new roofing material can be installed.

Old wood and corroded metal can be incredibly dangerous material to leave lying around. By keeping all waste contained using industrial-grade containers, our roofers significantly reduce the risk of any errant materials being left after the project is completed.

Cleaning Up the Work Area

No one wants to find old roofing material laying around in the yard in the weeks and months following a large roofing job.

A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors employees always take extra care to conduct a thorough cleaning of the entire work area after the job is done. To make sure every last piece of metal is accounted for, we use specialized metal detecting equipment that leaves nothing to chance.

Other post-job cleaning steps include:

  • Checking shrubs and other foliage for discarded roofing material
  • Using industrial vacuums to clean interior attic space, if applicable
  • Removing all material packaging including shrink wrap, paper, and plastic
  • Safely removing all debris containers including tarps, dumpsters, bags, and palettes

After this walk-through is complete, we always check with the property owner to ensure that their cleanliness expectations are met. Any areas that are not in the same condition they were before the job began are given extra attention to ensure a seamless overall project success status.

Your Roofing Project Success is Our #1 Priority

A lot goes into planning and executing a quality roof repair, restoration, or replacement project.

Keeping a clean working space is just one of the aspects of a job well done, and the team at A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors maintain an ongoing commitment to cleanliness excellence with any project we do.

When you agree to proceed with a roofing job, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your property will be left clean after the work is done. We address all your concerns beforehand, and we make it a point to keep you informed on the status of the job as it’s completed.

We want to earn your business and become your go-to residential and commercial roofing contractor for life. To learn more about how we can put our years of roofing experience to work for you, contact us today.