Industrial Cool Roof Systems

The Colorado sun bears down hard in the summer. And, because our climate can change in such a short time period, cool winter days can quickly become mild or even warm. This presents a challenge for keeping energy bills low, a challenge that can be met with the strategic use of roofing systems that work to ‘cool’ the building they’re installed on.

Cool Off with Expert Installation

With as volatile and unpredictable as the weather in Colorado can be, it’s no surprise that more and more industrial cool roofing systems are being used. These specially designed and engineered roofing systems take full advantage of reflective materials and color options that work year-round to reflect sunlight. This has the effect of lowering energy costs and helping to reduce the amount of urban heat that accumulates over time.

A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors offers a wide variety of cool roofing systems, many of which are cost-competitive with other, less energy-efficient alternatives.  We are proud to install and support the following industrial cool roofing material suppliers:

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CertainTeed CoolStar™

CertainTeed’s CoolStar™ industrial roofing solution is one of the few that is Energy Star-rated and capable of helping to reduce cooling costs by as much as 15% or more in some cases.

The secret is in the acrylic-based, white coating that reflects a much higher amount of direct sunlight compared with traditional roofing systems. This proprietary coating technology is available on more than a dozen different Built-Up Roof (BUR), Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS), and Atactic Polypropylene (APP) modified bitumen membranes.

A CoolStar™-treated industrial roof is a great choice for buildings that have significant amounts of unshaded, commercial building rooftop exposure to the Colorado elements

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Duro-Last’s Cool Zone®

For single-ply roof reflectivity, it’s hard to beat both the cost and the effectiveness of a Cool Zone roofing system from Duro-Last. By focusing on reducing the impact of two specific light wavelengths—Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared(IR)—the Duro-Last Cool Zone industrial roofing system both reflects and protects, which is the ideal combination for most commercial roofs in Colorado.

Because the Cool Zone roofing system is composed of PVC, it’s recyclable and, therefore, an environmentally smart choice. 

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Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) commercial roofing membranes from GAF are available in a wide variety of color variations to match the aesthetic of your industrial building. Featuring EverGuard® protection technology, GAF’s TPO membranes are some of the most commonly used and highly rated in the industry.

With a GAF-colored TPO membrane, low-slope roofs of any size can benefit from increased sunlight reflectance, lower cooling costs, and a more attractive overall look to the finished roof.

And the best part? Custom colors! That’s right—if you want your TPO membrane to be a specific color, the roofing professionals at A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors can work with GAF directly to make this happen. Just call and ask!

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Genflex TPO

When Genflex says they “Reflect the bad to make you look good,” they mean it!

Genflex TPO roofing systems are easier to install than many other products thanks to their ‘peel-and-stick’ functionality. Faster, more efficient installation translates into a shorter overall project timeline without sacrificing material quality or energy savings.

Genflex industrial roofing solutions are budget-friendly, durable, and highly effective at combating the Colorado sun.

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Malarkey SBS Polymer Modified

When choosing an industrial roofing material for any application, there are two main features that are most important: high tensile strength and tear resistance.The SBS polymer modified industrial roofing membranes from Malarkey deliver on both of these features, providing a high-quality, solar reflective roofing solution you can rely on.

Choose between standard, Paragon®, and Omni-seal® product lines, each of which offer their own unique benefits.

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Mule Hide TPO

Mule Hide’s TPO roofing system comes with a list of benefits that you don’t see very often with other industrial roofing material providers. These benefits include easy installation, a longer life cycle, thicker top ply construction, enhanced repairability, and more.

Offering high sunlight reflectivity alongside a low cost-per-square-foot, the TPO roofing solution from Mule Hide is a premier choice for commercial buildings in Colorado.

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Sika Roofing EnergySmart®

Sika Roofing was the very first to introduce a single-ply industrial roofing membrane that meets the stringent requirements set forth by the EPA’s Energy Star Roof Products program.

An EnergySmart® industrial roof from Sika Roofing represents some of the latest and greatest in environmentally friendly industrial roofing solutions. 

Environmentally Friendly And Cool Roofing Solutions

To learn more about which of these ‘cool roofs’ would be best for your low-slope industrial roof, contact A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors today by calling (303)781-8185.