Denver Commercial Roofing Styles and Types

Commercial buildings have roofing requirements that are much different from residential buildings. There is often much more square footage to cover, and commercial roofs tend to be flat and uniform, posing a question to be answered: which commercial building roof type is best?

There is a variety of different materials and application methods that can be used to adequately protect a commercial building roof from the elements. Because these types of roofs vary so much, it might help to know which among them is most common.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer [M-class] Rubber) Roof

Also simply called a ‘rubber roof’, EPDM-based commercial building roofs offer outstanding UV and weather protection, and they can be installed inexpensively throughout most of the year.

There are three ways an EPDM roof can be installed:

  • Mechanically fastened
  • Fully adhered
  • Ballasted

One of the most attractive benefits of EPDM commercial building roofs is that these roofs do not pollute the rainwater that runs off of them.

Non-EPDM Flat Roof

Technically speaking, most flat roofs are not perfectly flat. If they were, water would pool on them, ice would form, and damage would entail. Instead, a slight inclination is often added to the roof, allowing rainwater to effortlessly flow off of it.

Non-EPDM flat roofs can be built using asphalt, modified bitumen, or other commercial-grade materials.

Metal Roof

For commercial buildings that are located in forested or wet areas, metal roofs can be a fantastic option. These attractive-looking roofs often use steel, copper, aluminum or some other extruded alloy. They’re known for having very high wind resistance, and they shed snow and rain very well.

Metal roofs also last a very long time. When a metal roof is installed correctly using high-quality materials, the lifespan of the roof can often exceed 50 years.

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Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Roof

Sealing a commercial building roof with PVC vinyl is a highly efficient method of protecting the building from water ingress and atmospheric damage. PVC roofing has a reputation for being exceptionally strong, and it’s often bonded using a watertight sealant that can be stronger than the PVC membrane itself.

PVC has been used on commercial roofs for over 40 years, and the material used can be colored to be lighter or darker, depending on what works best for the building aesthetically and with regards to energy efficiency (lighter shaded commercial roofs stay cooler than darker shaded roofs).

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Stone Coated Steel Roof

If you’re looking for strength, durability, and a shake or shingled look to the roof, it’s hard to be stone-coated steel. A stone-coated steel roof takes advantage of two especially hardy substances that, when combined, make for a versatile, efficient commercial building roof that is highly fire, freeze, thaw, and wind resistant.

Also, some tax credits of as much as $500 may apply for those opting for stone-coated steel roof construction.

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Sustainable / Green Roof

This term can be used to describe commercial building roofs that intentionally use reflective material to reduce cooling costs and increase UV resistance. Many ‘sustainable/green’ commercial building roof materials carry a Class 4 rating, meaning they stand up better to hail and can even qualify you for lower insurance rates.

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Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Single-Ply Roof

Don’t let the term ‘single-ply’ fool you. TPO-based commercial building roofs are remarkably tough while also being an environmentally conscious choice.

Similar to the EPDM roof listed above, TPO roofs are installed using full adhesion, mechanical fastening, or ballasting. Color options include white, grey, and black, and TPO-based roofing systems are engineered to withstand some of the worst of what our Colorado weather can dish out (including heavy snowfall and ice accumulation). 

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