Energy Star Rated Roofing

Throughout the roofing industry, one standard is set high above the rest when it comes to roofing protection, environmental sustainability, and energy efficiency. That standard is set forth by the Energy Star program, developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The Best Quality Products And Most Durable Overall Roofing Solutions

We are picky about which roofing materials vendors we work with at A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors. We understand that in order to provide our Colorado customers with the finest quality products and most durable overall roofing solutions, the shingles and tiles must be of the highest quality.

And so, we’ve chosen to partner with roofing suppliers whose products meet the stringent standards of the Energy Star program. By carrying this efficiency rating, these roofing products assure our customers that the roof they’re getting is specially engineered to lower utility costs, keep your home or business cooler, and reduce the amount of solar heat that inferior roofing materials can trap and radiate.

What Roofs Qualify as Energy Star-Rated?

Qualifying for an Energy Star rating is not easy or simple. Multiple criteria need to be met in order for any roofing product supplier to make the mark. With as hard as the US government makes it for a roofing material supplier to obtain the Energy Star rating, it’s worth it. The end result is an energy-conscious roofing solution that saves money on utilities, is better for the environment, and is rated by a respected government agency.

Proven Energy Efficiency

Probably the most difficult quality assurance standard to meet, the Energy Star energy efficiency rating must be earned by having the roofing materials tested for thermal performance in direct sunlight.  Only when roofing products are proven to reduce heating and cooling costs can they be considered worthy of the Energy Star rating.

Enhanced Solar Reflectance

When a roof is able to reflect more incoming sunlight—whether through the use of coloring, material texture, or physical design—that roof is said to have a higher amount of solar reflectance. More solar reflectance means less absorbed heat which, in turn, helps to lower cooling costs. When less fossil fuels are used to run things like air conditioners and swamp coolers, the benefits for the environment are huge.

    Materials Must Be Broadly Available

    It wouldn’t make sense to provide an Energy Star rating for roofing materials that couldn’t be purchased by roofing companies like us. Therefore, the EPA only gives Energy Star ratings to roofing material suppliers who can distribute their products throughout the country.

    Rely on These Energy Star-Rated Roofing Products

    After a thorough evaluation of the best roofing materials on the market today, A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors are proud to provide the following Energy Star-rated roofing shingles and tiling products:

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    Boral Cool Clay & Concrete Tile

    This ingenious use of clay and concrete results in solar reflectance rates of as much as 53%. By comparison, most traditional asphalt shingles only reflect 10% or less of the sun’s energy.

    CertainTeed’s Landmark Solaris Series

    Whether it’s the CT20™, XT25™, or XT30™ strip shingles, the Landmark Solaris Platinum and Gold series represents some of the most advanced roofing technology available for steep-slope roofs.

    GAF Timberline Cool Series

    One of the most highly reputed companies in the roofing industry, GAF provides an energy efficient roofing solution that drives down cooling costs while also protecting and beautifying your home.

    IKO’s Cambridge Super White

    Among the complete product line available from IKO, two roofing products quality for the Energy Star rating: the Cambridge Super White and the Marathon Ultra AR Super White. Installing roofs with these shingles can qualify you for a tax credit, too.

    Marlarkey Ecoasis, Highlander, Dura-Seal

    When sustainability, energy efficiency, and protection are the name of the game, Malarkey delivers in spades with these three Energy Star-rated roofing products. Each have their own features and benefits, which we can explain in detail to you during an on-site visit.


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    Tamko MetalWorks Shingles

    Tamko’s ENERGY STAR rated MetalWorks® Shingles provide solar reflectance while getting a beautiful, state‐of‐the‐art metal roof.

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