If it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed the terms, conditions, and coverage levels within your homeowners insurance policy, it might be time to conduct a thorough insurance review. 

At A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors, we know how important it is to have adequate insurance to cover damage done to the roof or exterior of a home. As homes change over time, so should the insurance coverage that protects them. 

Updating your insurance policy to reflect your ongoing needs is a smart task for numerous reasons. It’s especially important to audit your homeowners insurance policy if any of the following apply to you: 

  1. There’s been a significant addition or renovation made to your home. It takes a lot of time, money, and effort to complete something like a kitchen remodel or a basement finishing.
    Adding value to your home in this way means your insurance coverage should be in alignment with the new, overall value of your home. If it’s not, there could be damages that you won’t be covered against.
  2. A security system has been added to the home. Did you know that adding a new security system could actually reduce the amount of money you pay every month for homeowner’s insurance? It’s true!
  3. The value of your personal belongings has changed significantly. Most homeowners insurance policies cover personal belongings like hi-fi stereo systems, computers, and other high-value items.
    If you’ve sold a lot or purchased a lot of valuable belongings, it’s worth revisiting your insurance policy to ensure that your coverage is up-to-date.
  4. It’s been more than a year since you’ve reviewed your policy. In many cases, the insurance market can grow competitive over time. This may mean that you could be getting as-good or better homeowners insurance coverage for a lower premium.

If your situation meets any of the above-listed criteria, then it’s probably worth sitting down with your insurance policy and conducting an objective audit. 

Here’s how to do it. 

Take These Steps in Your Review

First things first: if you haven’t already, print out the most current version of your homeowners insurance policy. After you’ve conducted your review, make sure you keep a hard copy of your updated policy in a safe place. 

When you have all of your information in front of you, conduct the following checks. 

Step #1: Mind the deductible. 

It’s not uncommon for homeowners insurance policy underwriters to modify the stated deductible from a set dollar amount to a percentage. This kind of change could result in a lot more personal expense for you should any covered damage be done to your property. 

Double-check that your deductible is what it was when you initially got the policy, and make a point to discuss any discrepancies with your insurance provider. 

Step #2: Price-check your premium. 

Another common action that is taken by many homeowners insurance policy providers is making modifications to premiums. 

Many times, these modifications don’t need to be communicated to you, as they are part and parcel of the policy itself.

To stay on top of this, price-check your premium and make sure it is in-line with what the insurance market will bear for the coverage you are getting. If it’s not, then maybe it’s time to find a new provider.

Step #3: Consider insuring was isn’t currently covered.

Here’s a trivia question for you: 

Are sewage backups covered by most homeowners insurance policies?

The answer is ‘no’. 

In fact, there are many ‘perils’ that are not covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. Floods, earthquakes, and landslides all fall into this category, also. What’s more, coverage for these kinds of damages can be very inexpensive, often totaling less than a few hundred dollars a year. 

To obtain peace-of-mind, consider getting insurance endorsements for the excluded damage types that aren’t listed as covered in your main policy. 

Time to Make a Roofing or Exteriors Insurance Claim? We Can Help!

A homeowners insurance policy is only as good as the payouts it provides when the time comes to need them. 

If the exterior of your home—including the roof—has been damaged by weather, vandalism, or some other factor, A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors can help. We’ll show up to your location when the insurance adjuster arrives, and we’ll help to ensure that all of the damage done to your property is adequately assessed. 

If you need a reliable, professional, and affordable Denver roofing and exteriors contractor, contact us today. Don’t make the mistake of dealing with the insurance company by yourself. 

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