Does Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?leaking roof from inside

When a roof starts to fail, one of the most common symptoms is leaking. Typically, new roof leaks show up in the hours and days following a heavy rain or snow storm. Sometimes, freshly fallen snow may need to melt and begin running off the roof in order for a roof leak to be detected. […]

Why You Should Call a Roofer Before Your Insurance Companycall a roofer before insurance

When damage is done to the roof of your home or commercial building, it’s common to feel uncertain about the first actions you should take. [Obviously, safety is priority #1, and if your roof is damaged badly enough to have created an unsafe environment, it’s recommended that you relocate to somewhere safe before taking next […]

How Do Insurance Claims Work?how do insurance claims work

Insurance coverage is absolutely critical for anyone who owns property like a car, home, or other valuable asset.  The entire point of having insurance coverage at all is that you’ll be financially protected in the event of covered losses. These losses can take the form of damage, theft, vandalism, or other causes.  According to the […]

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage?does homeowners insurance cover hail damage

Colorado is no stranger to hail. In fact, our state sees some of the worst hail storms in the country, so much so that Denver is often nicknamed the ‘Hail Capital’ of the US.  Our state’s unusual weather patterns mean that hail storms can strike when you least expect them. For that reason, it’s always […]

How to Conduct an Insurance Reviewhome insurance claims

If it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed the terms, conditions, and coverage levels within your homeowners insurance policy, it might be time to conduct a thorough insurance review.  At A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors, we know how important it is to have adequate insurance to cover damage done to the roof or exterior of a […]