How to Clean a Dryer Vent on a Roofroof dryer vent

When it comes to home maintenance, it seems the to-do list never runs out. That said, some tasks are more important than others. While it may not seem like a big deal, your dryer vent needs frequent attention. The U.S. Fire Administration recommends that people clean out their dryer vents three times a year to […]

How Many Roof Vents Do I Need?roofing vents

Roof vents provide essential functions for virtually every type of roof. Without them, your home could suffer significant problems, resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs. But how many roof vents do you really need? Read on to learn the importance of roof vents, along with recommendations for choosing the right type and amount for […]

How to Check and Prevent Roof Condensation in the Winterroof condensation in winter

You might think that rain and snow are the only causes of water leaks on your roof. The reality is that roof condensation is a major problem for home and business owners throughout Colorado, especially during the colder months. This sneaky natural phenomenon can happen with very few signs of development, and unless you know […]

How Important Is Attic Ventilation?attic ventilation

Attics and crawl spaces aren’t given much thought until they’re needed for storage or cleaning. These areas of the home are out of sight and, hence, out of mind.  Aside from performing the occasional dusting or insulation replacement, why else would you give a second thought to what’s going on in your attic?  The reality […]