Roof Rats: What They Are and How to Get Rid of Themroof rat

If you’re a homeowner, it may seem like your house is under constant attack from weather, pests and the ravages of Father Time. From hail and wind to termites and mold, there are all sorts of things that can damage your largest investment. A commonly overlooked saboteur, the roof rat can cause significant damage while […]

Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning?lightning on metal roof

Metal roofs may seem like lightning magnets, but this isn’t really the case. Read on to learn how your roofing materials affect your risk of a dangerous lightning strike. Does it Really Make a Difference? When they have a metal roof above their heads, homeowners often worry it will increase the risk of lightning strikes. […]

What is a Mansard Roof?mansard roof

Designed to give a home a Tudor or cottage look, mansard roofs have shingles on the top and sides. Also known as Curb or French roofs, these architectural designs aren’t very common these days. Read on to better understand the pros and cons of this beautiful but uncommon style of roof. What Exactly Is it? […]

How to Fix a Sagging Roofold sagging roof

A sagging roof can be very worrying. While minor sagging doesn’t necessarily point toward an imminent collapse, you should get the problem fixed as soon as possible. Read on to learn why roofs sag and find out the best strategies for correcting the problem based on the cause. When Moisture Is the Cause Snow and […]

Are Asbestos Roof Tiles Dangerous?asbestos roof tiles

A naturally occurring substance, asbestos has many desirable characteristics that make it a versatile and inexpensive material for use in industry. Over the years, it has been used in a wide variety of building applications. Over time, however, asbestos has been shown to cause fatal lung and pulmonary diseases including lung cancer and mesothelioma. Due […]

What Does OSHA Consider a Low-Slope Roof?low slope roof

To ensure worker safety and to help protect building and business owners from liability, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (a part of the US Department of Labor) has numerous standards and restrictions that must be adhered to.  At A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors, we know how important it is to maintain rigorous adherence to safety […]

What Do Roofers Use for Safety?roofer safety harness

Ask anyone who has ever worked in the roofing industry, and they’ll tell you it’s true: safety is the absolute, #1 priority for every job. The reason is simple. Roofing work is inherently dangerous, and the numbers prove it. Compared with workers in other industries, roofing industry workers are three times more likely to die […]

How to Safely Climb Your Roof When Putting Up Halloween Decorationshalloween roof decorations

Is it that time of year again, already? The weather is getting cooler, and the neighborhood children are getting amped about the upcoming Halloween festivities! It’s an exciting time, and if you’re like many homeowners, you’re thinking of some creative decorations you can add to your house in order to attract a record-setting number of […]

A Checklist for Commercial Roofing Safetycommercial roofing safety

No matter the style, size, or height of a roof, one thing is for sure: when the time comes to perform roofing work, safety is the utmost priority.  This is because roofing is an inherently dangerous line of work. In fact, professional roofers have the fifth-highest work-related death rate throughout all construction subsectors, and these […]