Greenwood Village HOA Exterior Restoration

After a thorough vetting process by the Homeowners Association and the property management company, A to Z Roofing was selected to perform the exterior restoration of the property. A large hailstorm left significant damage to the roofs, gutters, and the building’s exteriors. After meeting with the Insurance Adjuster and agreeing on a scope of work that would properly restore the property to pre-loss condition, the restoration was ready to begin.

greenwood village multifamily roof project

A to Z hydraulic lift

This community presented unique safety and property protection concerns. Access throughout the community was limited and stay-at-home orders were announced the day the project started. A to Z was able to coordinate and stage equipment, materials, deliveries and inspections with minimal impact to the community.

The first phase of this multi-million-dollar project included: replacing the roofs with new class IV impact resistant shingles, siding and fascia repairs, and installation of new gutters and downspouts.

roofing HOA greenwood village 1

roofing HOA greenwood village 2

roofing HOA greenwood village 3

roofing HOA greenwood village 4

roofing HOA greenwood village 5

roofing HOA greenwood village 6

The 2nd phase of the project included replacing damaged and rotted wood and preparing the exterior for a complete repaint. The entire exterior of each building received a new coat of paint and new awnings were installed in the pool area. We received numerous compliments from the residents on how nice the property looked after the restoration.

“Good morning,

The painting of the buildings has gone very well and so has the replacement of the wood trim and the rotted wood on the balconies that really need a makeover. The property looks brand new thank you!”


I wanted to let you know that I’m really impressed with the work that is being done on the complex. I thought we were just getting new roofs! We appear to be getting new gutters and an updated paint job as well! I just walked past Building J which is completed and it looks fantastic!

I won’t lie, it was really loud for a couple of days there on my building. And while it would have been ideal for that to happen while I was at work instead of at home, these aren’t ideal times and the final product far outweighs the price of a couple of days of noise.

I think you guys chose a great contractor! Please pass my appreciation on to any of those who should hear it! And thank you for your efforts in helping get this done!


M Newman