Fluid Applied Reinforced Roof System​

In the Spring of 2018, one of the largest hotels in Glenwood Springs was undergoing a complete renovation, and the owners needed to update the 30 year old tar and gravel roofs with an energy efficient, long lasting roof system that, when being installed, would have minimal disruption on the business.


After considering different options, from complete tear off to an overlay, the decision was made to have A to Z Roofing install Western Colloids Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing System. The Western Colloid System was chosen because it did not involve tearing off the two existing tar and gravel roofs, is non-toxic, harmless to the environment, and the installation process would have minimal impact on the business. The Western Colloid system is a seamless, lightweight, tough membrane with a FM4470 Class 1 approval, Class IV hail rating, and labor and material warranties up to 20 years.


Step One: Gravel Removal

roofing denver 16

The first step in the process was to remove all of the loose gravel from the five buildings. After two days of vacuuming the roofs were ready for the next step: the waterproof emulsion.

Step Two: Flood Coat

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The second step is to apply a flood coat of Western Colloids highly waterproof asphalt emulsion. This coating provides the initial waterproofing layer and help to level irregularities in the old roof.

Step Three: Fabric Reinforcement

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After the waterproof emulsion is applied, the system is fully reinforced with two layers of polyester fabric embedded in the emulsion. A second layer of emulsion is applied to prepare the roofs for detailing.

Step Four: Detail Work

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After the application of the fabric and second coating of emulsion, the roof perimeter, pipe boots, curbs and penetrations are all detailed with Western Colloids All Weather Elastic Flashing Cement.

Step Five: Acrylic and Detail

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The final step in the process is to apply Western Colloids Elastahyde Elastomeric Reflective Coating. The system now meets Energy Star Guidelines and the owners can immediately recognize energy savings.

Completed Project

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