5151 Downtown Littleton Apartments (DLA) – Littleton, CO

In the summer of 2018, The Downtown Littleton Apartments suffered significant hail storm damage throughout its multi-family complex. The property owners sought to hire a Full Services Contractor that was capable of replacing all the complex’s damaged roofs, as well as fully restoring the damaged building’s exterior stucco surfaces.  The DLA multi-family property consists of nine 3-story EPDM flat roof buildings, six multi-vehicle garage units, and one metal pool house roof.

Phase One of the commercial project’s Scope of Work included: 1) the full removal and replacement of 210,000 Sq Ft of fully adhered, single ply EPDM roofing membrane attached to a glass mat gypsum substrate, 2) modifying the roof system’s drainage schematic for superior water runoff drainage, and 3) installing a new standing seam metal on the complex pool house. Phase Two restoration service elements included: new exterior siding, new exterior paint, full window replacements, and installing new light fixtures that were damaged by the storm.

After a thorough DLA management vetting process that included 3 other roofing companies, A to Z Roofing, Inc. was selected as the project’s Contractor. Demonstrating more than 25 years of Denver-based commercial sized experience with all elements of the storm restoration work, combined with their deep expertise and collaborative ability to work with DLA’s insurance carrier to appropriately detail the project’s many aspects, the property owners were confident they were in capable hands by choosing A to Z Roofing.

Project Example: Prior to the restoration, the only means of accessing each building’s roof was by using a 50ft extension ladder. This process was both difficult, (ladder weight), dangerous, (ladder height), and considered out of current IBC Building Code Compliance. 

A to Z Roofing’s insurance specialist noted the code deficiency, and ensured each building received new roof hatches, with insurance proceeds.

Safety is A to Z Roofing’s number one concern during all its construction projects, and the DLA Project created its own unique situations to protect the community’s residents and the property.  To note: Extra attention was paid to safety during this project due to the high volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic and limited parking. Overhead protection was installed at all the building entrances and staircase scaffoldings, with debris chutes, were used at each building to enhance safety. Scaffolding access was lock secured during non-working hours to prevent unauthorized access to the roofs.

Our crews, on-site staff, office staff, and managers, flawlessly executed all aspects of this restoration project. From handling the insurance claims process from start to finish, representing our client with the insurance adjuster, sub-contractors, and inspectors. We completed a full property restoration for this community and received rave reviews from both Ownership and Property Management.