Some risks in life are worth taking. 

When you get behind the wheel of a car to run an errand, you’re taking a calculated risk in navigating the roadways. 

In fact, it’s near impossible to live life without being exposed to at least some level of risk. The challenge is to reduce that risk as much as possible, as often as possible. That’s why, when it comes to hiring a Denver roofer to repair or replace your multi-family roof, working with an insured roofer is always going to be the smart choice—the choice that significantly reduces your risk of potentially catastrophic outcomes. 

Why is this? If an uninsured roofer is less expensive (perhaps it’s your cousin Steve who says he knows a thing or two about roof repair), why not hire them? What’s the worst thing that could happen? 

In this article, the Denver roofing professionals at A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors are addressing the topic of roofer insurance. When you know more about why roofers carry insurance, you’ll never consider working with an uninsured roofer. There’s just too much to risk in doing so. 

Why We Carry Roofing Insurance Coverage

Even the most highly trained roofing technicians with extensive experience can make mistakes. They are, after all, human beings just like the rest of us. What’s more, there can be factors outside of the roofers control that can result in major property damage or personal injury. An example is a rotted tree branch that just happens to fall at the wrong time, injuring a roofer who was doing everything right up to that moment. 

multi-family roof repair 2

The reality is that a lot of things can go wrong on the jobsite. Roofing work is an inherently dangerous occupation. At A-to-Z Roofing, even though we take extensive precautions to reduce the chances of this from happening, no one has total control of all the variables affecting a multi-family roof repair or replacement job. 

Here are some of the ‘worst case scenarios’ that can result if an uninsured roofer is hired: 

  • Personal injury that the homeowner becomes liable for. Professional roofers may be experts at what they do, but all it takes is a single misstep or lapse in judgement for a serious injury to occur.

    If a roofer isn’t carrying General Commercial Liability Insurance and they are injured while working on your property, then guess who is responsible for the medical bills and loss of work compensation? You are.
  • Damage to public utility infrastructure. Considering the heights at which roofers do their jobs, it’s not too outside the realm of possibility for something like a power line or other public infrastructure to potentially get damaged.

    If this ever happens and the roofer is not insured, here again, you’re going to be liable as the homeowner.
  • Structural damage to your multi-family building. Even though a professional roofer should know how to work on roofs of all types, shapes, and styles, mistakes can happen—and, rarely, bad mistakes can happen.

    Without the right insurance coverage, any secondary damage that is caused to your building as a result of poor workmanship is going to need to be repaired at a cost you will have to incur, not the roofing company you hired.

If you think that your homeowners or HOA insurance policies are going to cover property damage or personal injury for an uninsured roofer, think again. In many of these policies, it is expressly stated that general contractors who are not insured will not be covered by the homeowners or HOA policy in question.

So, the next time you get an offer from a friend or family member to do some roofing work, be sure to ask if they are insured. If they’re not, don’t run the risk of hiring them. Your multi-family property deserves to be worked on by roofing technicians who are protected from the numerous things that can go wrong with any major contracting job. 

We Take Insurance Seriously

For Denver roofing companies like us, carrying adequate insurance and meeting all necessary licensing requirements just makes for good business. We want to be sure that our customers are 100% comfortable working with us, and the peace of mind that comes with doing insured work is incredibly valuable. 

For all of our customers, we’re more than happy to provide documentation of our General Commercial Liability Insurance and licensing paperwork. Just ask! 

When the time comes for you to hire an insured, professional, affordable Denver roofer, we hope you’ll contact us. We look forward to working with you!