Silicone roof coatings have become increasingly popular for several good reasons. While they can provide big benefits in many instances, they aren’t appropriate in every circumstance. Here are some pros and cons associated with silicone roofing systems, along with some tips for choosing the right contractor for the job.

The Pros

Resists Ponding

One of the most valued benefits associated with silicone roof coatings centers on its resistance to ponding water. Expertly formulated with moisture-cure substances, the coating will not absorb any extra water once it has dried and cured. This allows it to hold water for long periods without breaking down or deteriorating in quality.


Roofs are regularly exposed to fluctuating temperatures, which cause them to expand and contract. Because it forms a flexible membrane, silicone can easily contract and expand while maintaining its quality and strength. Flexible and impermeable, the coating can also withstand dirt and dust particles which may damage other roof types in high winds. 


One of the biggest benefits of a silicone roof coating system is the low price tag compared to completely removing and completely installing a brand new roof system. A silicone coating usually costs from $2 and $3.50 per square foot. A total roof tear-off and installation, on the other hand, can cost from $4 to $10 per square foot. 

As long as the current roof substrate is stable and dry, there’s usually no reason to remove the roof. If there are some wet patches on the roof, these can be individually removed and replaced with new material before the silicone roofing system is installed.

Reduced Energy Costs

Often called cool roofs, silicone roof coatings have a bright white color that naturally reflects UV rays. This helps keep the roof and the interior of a building from getting too hot. It also reduces the need for air conditioning, resulting in up to 35% in reduced energy costs in many instances.

Brief Project Duration

While it may be necessary and important, any work you have done on your facility is liable to interrupt the daily functions that go on within the building. If you’re working with the right contractor, the installation process will be a streamlined operation that can reduce project duration by 20% to 30%. This convenient reality can also help save you money on labor costs.

Backed by Warranty

A silicone roofing is backed by 10-, 15- and 20-year manufacturer’s warranties. The coating is guaranteed to prevent most any type of roof leak unless there are structural changes to the building or damage from fire, tornado, earthquakes or some type of third-party interference, such as another person or contractor damaging the roof.

workers applying silicone roof coating

The Cons

Not Always Appropriate

For your building to be eligible for a silicone roofing system, your roof must be in relatively good condition and less than 25% saturated. Unfortunately, many building owners only invest in a new roof after a substantial leak. In these instances, the roofs are often ineligible for a new silicone coating.

Doesn’t Stick Well to Silicone

They say the only thing that sticks to silicone is silicone. While this is true, you will still usually need to have existing silicone layers removed before installing a new silicone roofing system. This is the best way to ensure a long-lasting roofing surface. 

You Need a Flat Roof

Silicone roofing works best on flat surfaces. While you can apply the roofing product to the occasional odd shapes that may exist on a flat roof; it won’t work well on pitches. 

It Gets Slippery

When silicone roofing gets wet, it tends to be very slippery compared to other roofing systems. If you have people regularly attending to roofing issues, skylights or other units that require roof access, you need to make them aware of this issue. It helps to focus on increasing safety awareness to lower the risk of an accidental injury.

Difficult to Spray

As with any type of modern solvent-based coating, silicone roofing can be hard on hydraulic spray equipment. If the equipment is not properly maintained and cleaned, application problems are more likely to occur. This is why it’s so important to work with a reputable local roofing contractor with years of experience working with silicone roofing systems. 

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