How to Calculate Roof Pitchroof pitch

The terms ‘slope’, ‘angle’, or ‘pitch’ are often used to describe how steep a roof is. In the roofing industry, the term ‘pitch’ is most commonly used. A roof is said to be ‘lower-pitch’ if its slope is closer to horizontal. The flatter the roof, the lower the pitch, and the steeper the roof, the […]

Can You Convert a Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof?pitched roof

For many residential and commercial buildings, a flat roof can provide an ideal design element that contributes to a modern, contemporary look. And, flat roofs can also be much less expensive to build compared to having a pitched roof installed on the same building. However, flat roofs aren’t without their disadvantages. Because of their low […]

What Is the Minimum Slope of a Pitched Roof?pitched roof

When we talk about roof styles and shapes, there is one dimension that is common to them all: slope. Also referred to as ‘angle’, ‘pitch’, or ‘incline’, the slope of a roof is just a measure of its degree of rise from a completely flat, horizontal line. In this article, the roofing professionals at A-to-Z […]