How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Commercial Roof?commercial roofing cost

Sometimes, commercial roofs can be patched and spot-fixed to prolong the life of the roof as a whole without incurring the cost of a complete replacement.  In other cases, commercial roofs can have too much damage or degradation for patching or ‘here and there’ repairs. When roofs are in this kind of condition, the only […]

What to Look for When Selecting a Commercial Roofing Companycommercial roofing companies

When Colorado property owners need commercial roof repair or a complete commercial roof replacement, they quickly find that there are dozens of potential contractors they could work with.  And, they all seem to promise outstanding workmanship, fair prices, and integrity in how they run their businesses. This all raises an important question: What should you […]

What is the Best Commercial Roofing Material?What is the Best Commercial Roofing Material

It’s only a matter of time before even the highest quality commercial roof requires repair or replacement. Here in Colorado, business and property owners have their choice between numerous industrial roofing systems. Our harsh climate calls for flat- or low-sloped commercial roofs that provide adequate protection from heavy rain, hail, snow, and winds.  At A-to-Z […]

What Roofing Material Is Right for Your New Roof?Roofing Materials

There are many ways to protect a commercial or residential building from the elements. To help accomplish this, the roof is the single most important feature of any structure, as it is responsible for dispersing rainfall, snow, and hail, as well as acting as a barrier against UV damage from direct sunlight. …not to mention […]

Why the Membrane Matters in Commercial Roofingcommercial roof membrane

Today, membrane roofing systems are seen widely on buildings with roofs that are slightly sloped or entirely flat. They help to block water from leaking into the building and also keep the water channel controlled after rainfall. Additionally, membrane roofs also provide warmth and insulation while protecting the entire building.  The use of membrane roofing […]

How Often Do You Need to Waterproof Your Commercial Roof?commercial roofing and waterproofing

Commercial property owners and property managers are keenly aware of the toll that Colorado weather is taking on their investments.  It’s unavoidable: over time, heavy rainfall, direct sunlight, hail, and sleet will do a number on even the most impervious flat or low-slope roof. This will happen regardless of the kind of roofing material that […]

Commercial Roofing Tips and MaintenanceCommercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial roofs endure daily onslaughts of UV exposure and potentially harsh, damaging weather like heavy rain, sleet, and hail.  Over time, even the highest-quality commercial roof is going to start showing signs of degradation. A neglected commercial roof isn’t going to do as good of a job at protecting the rest of the building from […]