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Spring Roof Tune Up

We’ve had a lot of snow lately in the Denver metro area, and winter weather can take its toll on your home’s roof. We offer a Spring tune-up that includes an inspection of your roofing system. A early spring roof inspection offers the opportunity to detect potential problems and repair them before the become larger and more costly issues.

During the inspection, we look at:

  • Shingles (missing or loose)
  • Caulking (deterioration)
  • Chimneys (bricks and mortar)
  • Flashing (rusted or deteriorated)
  • Gutter problems
  • Pipe collar sleeves
  • Roof penetrations
  • Sealing on exposed nails
  • Soft spots on roof deck

If we discover any problems we will inform the homeowner of the issues, and provide recommendations to correct the problem areas. Let’s correct small problems before they turn into large and expensive problems!

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