Finding the Best Home Roofing Contractor

Have you encountered hail or damage from a Colorado storm? Is the aging roof of your home ready to be replaced? Regardless of why you need your roof repaired or rebuilt, it’s easy to find a quality roofing contractor that uses superior materials for an affordable price.

Simply follow these three steps to find the best roofing contractor.

      1. Contact several roofing contractors and ask each one the same series of questions. Tip: Ask family and friends for referrals, look up BBB accredited companies or search the Web for roofing contractors in your area.
      2. Ask each roofing contractor these important questions:a. What is the time frame for the project?
        b. How will the roof be installed?
        c. What are acceptable methods of payment?
        d. Can you provide an estimate and proposal?
        e. What is the length of the roof warranty and what does the warranty cover?
        f. Who is responsible for repairing or replacing exterior or interior damages due to roofing work (if any)?Tip: Any good contractor will offer this information to you up-front and free of charge. An exceptional roofing contractor will also perform a free roofing inspection.
      3. 3. Compare proposals from each roofing contractor. Items you should look for include:a. Type of roof covering, manufacturer and color.
        b. Materials included (e.g. underlayment, ice dam protection membrane, etc.)
        c. Scope of worki. Removal or replacement of existing roof
        ii. Flashing work (e.g. existing flashings to be replaced or re-used, adding new flashing, flashing metal type, etc.)
        iii. Ventilation work

        Tip: Make sure all fees are outlined in the proposal. Also, don’t hesitate to ask about any terms or concepts you don’t understand.

After selecting a roofing contractor, the hard work for you is practically done. Once you’ve chosen your roof style and material, you’re sure to enjoy a long-lasting roof over your head.