Severe storms can ravage your roof can leave your home vulnerable to water damage. To avoid costly problems, it’s important to carefully inspect your home’s exterior once the storm has passed. Here’s an informative roof storm damage checklist to help you spot minor issues before they evolve into catastrophic problems. 

Protruding Roof Parts

Inspect the skylights, chimneys and any other protruding roof parts. These areas will usually be covered with flashing to reduce the risk of leaks. If the flashing or seals seem compromised or damaged, you must take immediate action to prevent serious water damage inside your attic.

Exterior Shingles

Storm-related roof damage is usually most evident on the shingles since they are the first line of defense against inclement weather. Look for cracking, curling and granule loss. If any shingles are missing, call a professional roofer right away.  

When looking for problems, avoid setting foot on the roof. Instead, use a pair of binoculars to assess the roof from the ground. You can also invite a reputable local roofer to inspect your roof, especially if you notice damage, whether it’s substantial or minor. 

Roof Vents

Many homeowners believe that storm damage to the roof’s fascia and soffit is merely superficial. Unfortunately, damage to these two areas can inhibit your home’s ventilation system, which can result in rot or mold infestations. If a storm has damaged or warped your vents, you need to call a roofer to repair the problem.

storm damaging a roof


Your gutter system diverts rainwater away from your home during a rainstorm. Unfortunately, when gutters are clogged, water will back up beneath your shingles. This can lead to rot and mold infestations which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. 

Gutters can easily become clogged during a harsh storm that hurls twigs, leaves and other debris onto your roof. An especially violent storm can even cause your gutters to detach from your house. Always inspect your gutters after a storm to determine if they are in need of repair.


Even if your roof seems undamaged on the exterior, it’s important to check the interior to look for signs of water damage. Inspect the ceiling and attic for signs of yellow or brown water spots. You should continue to regularly inspect these areas in the months to come. 

Wind and hail can cause tiny invisible leaks that may lead to water damage weeks after a storm has passed. Use a flashlight to look for any leaks and take quick action if you see them. 

Many homeowners are stunned to learn that even minor leaks can lead to significant mold infestations. What’s more, mold remediation can cost up to $10,000 in severe instances. Even a small mold infestation will take a big chunk out of your bank account, so call a local roofer if you suspect that your roof might be leaking even slightly. The quicker you act, the better your chances of avoiding costly problems. 

What if You Have Damage?

While most insurance providers will not pay for a roof that needs replacement due to aging; they will generally pay to fix a roof that’s been damaged by a storm or other natural disaster. If you notice storm damage to your roof, contact your insurance carrier. Take photos of the damage for your records and then get in touch with a reputable roofing contractor. 

It’s important that the roofer be local and have a strong reputation in the community. This will help you avoid disreputable, fly-by-night roofers who go door to door after storms, convincing homeowners to sign iffy contracts for poor-quality work. 

Your home is your biggest investment; you don’t want to place it in the hands of an inexperienced or dishonest roofer who won’t stand behind their work. With this in mind, carefully vet potential roofing contractors and never settle for one without a local address, reliable references and a complete portfolio of previous work. 

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