Gaco silicone roof coatings are cost-effective long-term alternatives to complete roof replacement. Read on to learn the many benefits associated with these efficient, reliable commercial roofing solutions.

What Are They?

Founded in 1955, the Gaco family of brands offers best-of-class solutions for many residential, industrial and commercial applications including specialty coatings for roofs. With GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating Systems, Commercial businesses can re-cover instead of re-roofing. This helps them save money and time while avoiding the aggravation of costly tear-offs.

Whether your roof is small, large, sloped or flat, Gaco coatings provide a proven solution for renewing weathered roofs. They can be applied to just about any existing commercial roofing material to create a weatherproof, seamless membrane that guards against ultraviolet light, permanent ponding water and severe weather.

The Benefits

Gaco silicone roof coatings come with a number of compelling benefits, including:

Cost Savings

The primary benefit of a silicone roof coating system is the considerable cost savings versus a complete tear-off and new roof installation. Silicone coating systems usually cost from $2 and $3.50 per square foot; while a complete tear-off and new roof installation can cost between $4 and $10 per square foot.

As long as the existing substrate is stable and dry, no actual roofing removal is required. If there are wet areas or saturated insulation, these can be repaired with new, dry material before silicone is ever installed.

Extended Lifespan

If your roof is in relatively good shape, you can extend its lifespan by adding a silicone layer to help protect it from the elements. Since Gaco’s silicone systems are applied as liquids, they fill in any cracks, seams or other vulnerable areas of your roof. They also come with material and labor warranties of up to 20 years. 

gaco silicone roof coating

Reduced Utility Bills

Silicone roof coatings are commonly known as “cool roofs” due to their impressive ability to keep interiors cool. Their bright white colors reflect ultraviolet rays, saving up to 35% in utility costs by lowering air conditioning usage to keep large commercial facilities cooler.

Backed by Warranties

Gaco roof coatings are backed by ironclad manufacturer’s warranties that can last as long as two full decades. The coatings help prevent roof leaks unless there’s some sort of interference by third parties, acts of God, structural changes, or other unforeseen issues. 

Resistance to Ponding 

One of the top benefits associated with Gaco silicone roof coatings centers on their resistance to ponding. Formulated with advanced moisture-cure substances, these coatings will not absorb any water once they have dried and cured. This allows them to hold ponding water without breaking down over time or deteriorating in quality.


Roofs are constantly exposed to temperature fluctuations, which can cause them to contract and expand. Since they create flexible membranes, Gaco silicone roof coatings can easily expand and contract while maintaining their strength and quality. Impermeable and flexible, the silicone coatings can also withstand dust, dirt and debris which can damage other roofs in high winds. 

Little Erosion

Gaco silicone roof coatings are very durable over the long term. They can hold up to Mother Nature, and this impressive resiliency helps eliminate the need for premature maintenance.

Short Timelines

One of the most difficult issues with having work done on a commercial facility is the frustrating interruptions to operational functions. A silicone roof coating can cut down project duration by as much as 30%. This isn’t just more convenient; it can also help you save money on labor costs.

Since Gaco silicone roof coatings can be installed quickly, a company’s daily functions don’t have to be interrupted. That said, for optimal results, you have to partner with a reputable local roofing contractor with lots of experience working with modern silicone roof membranes.

Want to refresh your roof with a Gaco silicone roof coating? Or would you prefer a brand new roof for your business? A to Z is ready to help. Hoping for cost-friendly repairs for weather-related damage? We can do that too. At A to Z, we’ve developed a widespread, well-earned reputation as one of the state’s premier roofing contractors by providing expert workmanship and attentive, honest customer service. Contact us to learn more.