Decra Roofing Systems

Engineered to Protect

The strength and durability of a DECRA roof is combined with the versatile good looks of a tile , shake or shingle style, all aimed at providing the optimal roof solution. A perfect blend of more than 60 years of research and practical experience, DECRA’s product lines offer the ultimate in style, performance, and design.

  • Severe Weather Resistance

  • Class 4 Impact Hail Resistance

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • High Wind Rating (Up to 120 mph)

  • Energy Efficient, The Vented Airspace Between The Decra Roof and Roof Deck Reduces Solar Heat Gain Lowering Heating and Cooling Bills and Improving Interior Comfort

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Batten System vs. Direct to Deck Installation

When considering your options for reroofing your home with a Decra product you may have questions about the difference between using a batten system or installing Decra directly to the roof deck. Here is a worthwhile comparison when considering the best system for your home.

With a batten system wood battens are installed on top of the roof deck and synthetic underlayment providing a surface to install Decra panels. The batten system provides 1 ½” of continuous air space under the tiles creating much better ventilation. The air space created allows for greater heat dissipation from the attic allowing warm air to rise and escape before it enters the attic. This air movement helps keep the attic and home cooler and can reduce cooling energy expense.

The same air space is effective in winter months keeping the attic warmer and reducing ice damming. In general, installing Decra panels over a batten system helps improve energy efficiency in home by allowing warm air to escape the roof system in the summer and keeping attic space warmer in the winter.

Maintenance on a batten system is more efficient than direct to deck systems because of the way Decra tiles are installed on a batten system individual panels are easily removed where direct to deck panels need to be removed from the ridge down for repairs or installation of solar panels, pipe boots, or repairs

Batten Systems use fewer fasteners to install than direct to deck systems and have a higher wind rating than direct to deck systems. Fewer fasteners mean fewer penetrations through your roof deck.