Why Do Most Apartment Buildings Have Flat Roofs?flat roof apartment

As you look across the Denver skyline, you see a lot of different building types.  Most of the taller ones are commercial office buildings. Then, there are few parking lot structures. Before long, you might start to notice that there’s a theme with most of the apartment buildings you see dotting the urban landscape here […]

Do I Need HOA Approval For A Roof Replacement?replace roof without hoa approval

When the time comes to replace the roof on your condominium, townhome, or other HOA-managed property, the question can arise: “Do I need HOA approval?”.  The answer isn’t always obvious, because some HOA organizations have bylaws that contain specific stipulations related to significant remodeling projects. And, sometimes, these stipulations have clauses that directly mention any […]

How to Tell When Your Multifamily Building Needs Roof Repairmulti family building roof repair

Multifamily buildings have unique needs when it comes to roofing. Because these types of structures are designed to house multiple people, there are often numerous rooftop inclusions like stovepipes, exhausts, chimneys, and vents. And, because the square footage is typically larger than other buildings, more maintenance may be required to keep the roof functional over […]

What You Should Know about Apartment Roof Replacementflat roof replacement

Roofs can fall into disrepair or become damaged, and individual apartments and even entire apartment blocks will need replacement roofs within their lifespan. Regular repair, maintenance, and replacement are even more important in Colorado given the unpredictable weather our great state sees through the year.  Here at A-to-Z Roofing & Exteriors, we have over 25 […]

What Is the Risk of Hiring an Uninsured Roofer for Your Multi-Family Roof Repair?multi-family roof repair

Some risks in life are worth taking.  When you get behind the wheel of a car to run an errand, you’re taking a calculated risk in navigating the roadways.  In fact, it’s near impossible to live life without being exposed to at least some level of risk. The challenge is to reduce that risk as […]

How You Can Reduce Your Tenant’s Energy Costs With an Energy Star-Rated Roofenergy star rated roofing

There are many great ways to increase energy efficiency for commercial buildings. Insulation, automated thermostats, and high-efficiency appliances are just a few examples.  However, did you know that the roof of a commercial building is a significant factor that can drastically change how much energy is consumed throughout the course of a given year? It’s […]

Are Apartment Roof Gardens a Good Idea?roof garden

Apartment life can feel confining.  Even the most spacious apartment is likely to be without any honest-to-goodness nature within it (except for a few house plants, perhaps). It’s just a feature of living in a multi-unit building such as an apartment or condominium complex. This has led many to explore alternatives to the traditional backyard […]