To protect their biggest investments, homeowners should ensure that their roofs are in very good condition. This typically means working with an experienced, reputable roofer to inspect, repair or replace a damaged or aging roof as needed. But how can you be sure you are choosing a reputable local contractor who can provide top-quality service and reliable materials? Here are the things you should look for in a Denver roofing contractor.

A Strong Track Record

When choosing a roofer, it’s important to make sure they have a good reputation for doing quality work in the local community. Unfortunately, fly-by-night roofing contractors are notorious for showing up with generous offers only to later disappear to avoid paying damages. It’s important to choose a Denver roofing contractor who’s been around for decades, so you can be confident that they will stand behind their work and the materials they use on your roof.

Evidence of Previous Work

Many roofing contractors are only able to provide a very limited scope of services. They might be able to fix minor damage without much difficulty. If you hire them to replace an entire roof, however, you may be taking a big risk. Many times, smaller, less experienced contractors will enthusiastically bid on a job only to end up way in over their heads. Unfortunately, you as the homeowner may end up paying the price. Demand to see evidence of previous work and ask for references before you agree to let anyone up onto your roof. If they can’t provide proof of their expertise, look for a different contractor.

Licensing and Insurance

Roofing is a risky job that’s best left to professionals. If a roofer doesn’t have proper licensing and insurance, the homeowner could be liable for injuries to workers and damage to neighboring properties or vehicles. Reputable Denver roofing contractors will hold the requisite licenses and permits for every job they perform. As a homeowner, you should not work with a roofing contractor that can’t show you documented proof of these critical necessities.

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A Local Address

Many homeowners are stunned to learn that roofing scams typically begin with a complimentary inspection. Once you allow the scammer onto your home’s roof, they will often fabricate damage and pull up shingles to help make a sale. They may even show you pictures of a different roof on their phones and claim that you are looking at damaged shingles atop your roof. Why would they do these things? Because they plan to re-roof your home with cheap materials and then leave town and repeat the scam again and again and again.

This is why it’s crucial to make sure the roofing contractor is a local provider with a Colorado license plate, local phone number, and local brick-and-mortar street address. This will help you avoid working with unscrupulous roofers who move from state-to-state pulling scams.

An Authorized Installer

Is the roofing contractor an authorized installer or preferred partner for the specific shingle manufacturer? This is a key consideration since manufacturers typically won’t honor their warranties whenever roofs are installed by non-authorized installers.


It’s important to make sure you are working with someone who will be available when you need them. They should also be upfront and honest about how they plan to approach the job. Be sure to ask the contractor whether they will remove the existing roof or simply shingle over it.

You should also ask if they plan to bring a refuse container along to hold stripped-off roofing material and whether they will protect your home’s gutters by using ladder standoffs. If the contractor is difficult to get a hold of or refuses to answer your questions, this is a huge red flag.

The Bottom Line

Far too many homeowners fail to do their due diligence and properly vet their roofing contractors. Sadly, there are plenty of inexperienced and unscrupulous contractors that will charge for top-quality materials only to provide lower-quality materials and, far too often, poor workmanship that will not stand the test of time.

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